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Technical data:
PP, Polypropylene, inflaming retarding, low transparency, low rigidity, good bounce impact force. Working Temperature: - 20 to 90
PA, Polyamide 66, ...
Any specification available.

Aodekang company sincerely welcome all range of distinguished guests domestic and abroad cooperating with us and get the win-win situation.
0.1A, 0.5A, 1A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 100A, for 5A-10KA use external current transformer with secondary current 5A and 1A. Notes: For 60A, 75A, 100A ...
Any specification available.

Aodekang company sincerely welcome all range of distinguished guests domestic and abroad cooperating with us and get the win-win situation.
Type: DX-20
Primary/Secondary(A): 50/5A-150/5A
Busbar Hole Dimension(mm): DN20mm Rated Burden(VA): 1.5-2.5
Class: 1.0
Rated voltage: 660V

Type: DX-30
Primary/Secondary(A): ...
Accuracy: Class 1.5 Specification: 0.1A 0.5A 1A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 40A For 10 -10KA, use external 75mV 60mV or 45mV shunt for the direct reading from 20A to 60A meter, the ...
Single Phase Two Wire Electronic Energy Meter
Key Specifications/Special Features: *Voltage: 110, 120V, 220, 230 and 240V
*Frequency: 50 or 60Hz *Current: 5/30, 5/60, 10/40, ...
1) Voltage: 220-250V, 10A/16A
2) Material: ABS, PC, ABS+PC+V0
3) Color: subject to clients′standard

Inner packing:
1pc/polybag, 12pcs/box

Outer ...
1. Accuracy level: DDJ-E2 level 0.05, DDJ-E2 level 0.1
2. Output voltage: 240V
a) Regulating scope: 0-120% consecutively adjustable
b) Regulating ...
Type: MSQ-30
Rated current(A): 100/5 150/5 200/5 250/5
Rated power (VA): Class:0.5: / 5-10 5-10 5-10
Class 1: 5 5-10 5-10 5-10
Weight (kg): 0.60

Type: MSQ-40
Rated ...
Work voltage: 3V-6V
DC impedance: 450Ω-+50Ω/20
Applicable pulse width: 50ms-600ms
Applicable frequency: ≤4HZ
Deferent moment: 57μNm/4. 5V
Work temperature: -35-+70
Use ...
Accuracy: Class 3.0 Class 1.5 Specification: 8min 5A, 15min 5A, 8min 1A, 15min 1A With bimetal movement ad thermal delayed indicator Lead seal can protect resetting knob if maximum ...
Model DX-20 DX-30 DX-40 are available for connecting with cable, and also available for connecting with bus bar
Maximum voltage: 600V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Class: 1.0 ...
1) Accuracy level: XSE-D level 0.05, XSE-T level 0.1
2) Output voltage:
a) 3 x 100V/57.7VY: 3 x 100V
b) 3 x 380V/220VY: 3 x 380V
c) Regulating ...
1) Materials: normal ABS, special PC, PC + ABS
2) Plastic base is used for DLB products
3) Surface: sandblasted treatment

Inner packing:
Nylon bag with ...
1) Materials: ABS (normal), PC, PC + ABS, ABS fireproof
2) Voltage: 220 - 250V, 10A/16A

Inner packing:
1pc/polybag + blister packing

Outer ...
1) Voltage: 250V, 10 - 16A
2) Materials: ABS, PC, ABS + PC

Inner packing:
1pc/polybag, 7pcs/box

Outer packing:
Carton dimensions: 47 x ...
Accuracy: Class 1.5 100uA 500uA 1mA 2mA 5mA 10mA 20mA 30mA 50mA 75mA 100mA 150mA 200mA 250mA 300mA 500mA 1A 3A 7.5A 10A 20A 30A 50A 60A 75A 100A. For 10A -10KA, use external 75mV, ...
Overall dimensions: 136x113x54
Case Assembly including (Circuit board with locking structure)
Meter Base
Transparent Meter cover
Name Plate
Terminal Block
Terminal Cover ...
1) Voltage: 220 - 250V, 10A
2) Materials: ABS, PC, PC + ABS
3) Ceramic base, brass contact

Inner packing:
1pc/polybag, 12pcs/box

Outer packing:
20 ...
Overall dimensions: 186x116x60
Case Assembly including
Meter Base
Meter Cover ( welding transparent board )
Name Plate
Terminal Block
Terminal Cover ( anti-tampering ...
1) Electronic meter mainboards and spare parts, such as PCBs, LCD screens, and chips are available
2) OEM and ODM orders are available
Detailed Product Description
1) Adopting volumetric rotary piston principle of measurement
2) Accurate measurement register separated from water to ensure a clear ...
DTSF855 series three phase electronic multi-rate watt-hour meter is a kind of new-style meter which is can user electric energy consumption by use-of time. Its ...